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The message of Revelation is one of hope. Ironically, though, no book of the Bible has generated so much fear and confusion in Christianity today. This is because Revelation is far too often interpreted out of context. Did you ever notice that John’s Gospel begins by introducing the Bridegroom, Jesus, while Revelation ends by unveiling the Bride? Did you ever notice that the story of seven trumpets sounding, a great city falling, and a scarlet whore being rescued occurs in both Joshua and Revelation? In this study, Dr. Warren Gage examines the literary keys to Revelation found in the Gospel of John and in the Book of Joshua. Be encouraged as you learn the glorious destiny that awaits the Church as the bridal companion of the Son of God. Thanks for being a part of our study! 


Class 1 - John's Gospel as the Key to Revelation

Date: Monday, June 29
Text: Revelation Chapters 1-3

  • John’s Gospel and the Introduction of the Bridegroom

  • The Revelation of John and the Introduction of the Bride

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  Handout for Class 1 (2.2 MiB, 457 hits)


Class 2 - The Battle of Jericho and the Story of Revelation

Date: Monday, July 6
Text: Revelation Chapters 4-18

  • A Narrative Retold: Seven Trumpets Sound, a Great City Falls, and a Scarlet Whore is Redeemed
  • What City is the Great City of Revelation?
  • Who is the Whore of Babylon?

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  Handout for Class 2 (2.5 MiB, 558 hits)

  Supplemental Reading 1 - "What City Is Great Babylon?" (280.2 KiB, 256 hits)

  Supplemental Reading 2 - "Who Is the Whore of Babylon?" (313.7 KiB, 431 hits)


Class 3 - Living in Light of the Hope of Heaven

Date: Monday, July 13
Text: Revelation Chapters 19-22

  • The Meaning of Revelation for the Church Today
  • The Message to the Seven Churches and its Significance for Us Today
  • John’s Vision of the Bridal City: What Will Heaven Be Like?

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