Pastoral Ministry Course Descriptions

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Homiletics and Evangelism

Practical training in preaching, teaching, and evangelism should be the lifework of the disciples of Jesus. Paul admonished Timothy to “let his progress be seen of all” (1 Tim 4:15). This course is designed to provide the basics of preaching with power and of sharing the faith with clarity and conviction. The ultimate goal is for the student to develop a sincere desire to continue to grow in these graces and skills throughout a lifetime of ministry.

Pastoral Theology

Paul claims that anyone desiring the office of overseer desires to do a good work. But how do we determine who is qualified for ordained ministry? How do we identify the next generation of church leadership and prepare them effectively? How can we best shepherd the flock of God, and what does it mean that we, as pastors, shall give an account for each of those whom God has given into our care? This course presents an overview of the role of the pastor as presented to us in Scripture.

Christian and Pastoral Ethics

Far too frequent is the discovery of sin and moral failure among those who are in ministry. The goal for this course is therefore to provide the student with a solid grounding in Christian ethics as related to pastoral ministry. We will address a wide variety of ethical topics geared toward those who are called to ministry, including how to balance an understanding of grace with a sense of personal moral responsibility, what the proper conduct of a minister is as a leader and shepherd of God’s flock, where to go for help when counsel is needed, and how restoration can come about for those who have fallen in their callings.

Pastoral Internship

The pastoral internship intends to supply the student with practical training relating to various aspects of pastoral work, including sermon preparation, the administration of the sacraments, officiating at weddings and funerals, routine counseling, working effectively with church administration, and the cultivation of personal worship commensurate with the high privilege of pastoring the people of God. (Optimally the pastoral internship will be pursued as a culminating training experience under the guidance of the pastor at the student’s local church. When that option is unavailable, the Alexandrian Academy will offer a recorded class online relating to practical ministry.)