Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Alexandrian Forum is two-fold: to bring in-depth Biblical education back to the Church and to give the wisdom of the Classics back to the community. The Alexandrian Forum intends to accomplish this first, by making a full theological and classical education program available online through our daughter ministry, the Alexandrian Academy, and second, by establishing partner relationships with host churches who will act as local centers for classical and biblical learning as well as community and leadership development.

Our Goals

1) Bring theological education from the seminary back to the church, which is God’s ordained institution of redemptive transformation.

2) Educate ministers and laypeople in a typological and literary approach to reading the Bible that emphasizes all of Scripture as pointing toward Christ.

3) Equip the church and the wider community with the wisdom and leadership skills of the Classics.

Our Objectives

1) Deliver a full theological and classical education program online through the Alexandrian Academy.

2) Multiply our impact by establishing partner relationships with host churches who will implement our programs on the local level and foster a strong network of classically and biblically trained individuals from diverse sectors throughout the community.