Church History Course Descriptions

Church History I: Ancient to Medieval

This course is a survey of church history from the ancient through medieval eras. Beginning with the apostolic era, we cover major events in the life of the church through the end of the fifteenth century. Along with a survey text, we will make frequent use of primary sources, including the ancient creeds as well as readings from the Apostolic Fathers, Irenaeus, the Cappadocians, Augustine, Athanasius and Cyril of Alexandria, Anselm, and Thomas Aquinas.

Church History II: Reformation to Modernity

In this course, we continue our survey of church history, beginning with a heavy focus on the Reformation and then continuing through to modernity. In the modern era, we consider the great revivals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the rapid growth of Christian faith in the developing world in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Along with a survey text, we supplement our studies with readings from primary sources, including Luther, Edwards, Kant, and Barth.

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Church History III: History of Doctrine

Jesus promised he would send the Spirit of God to lead his church into all truth (John 16:13). This course traces the remarkable history of the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise. Having completed our survey of church history, we now rehearse our study through a focused overview of the historical development of Christian doctrine, from ancient to modern eras. There was a logic undergirding the development of the ancient and medieval church’s understanding of the Christian faith. Recognizing this logic allows us to see the profound connections between the modern and the ancient church. This gives us a unique appreciation for our theological heritage—a heritage that is a testament to the heroes of our faith, of whom “the world was not worthy,” and who have given us our Christian horizons of both orthodoxy and orthopraxy.