Biblical Education

Learning to See Christ in All of Scripture


Emmaus Road Painting

How Do We Approach the Bible?

In addition to a literary approach to Scripture, our biblical teaching emphasizes the following transformational themes:

  • All of Scripture, Old Testament and New, speaks of Christ.
  • The resurrection of Christ is the great theme of both the Old and New Testaments. 
  • Not only is Christ depicted as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, the New Testament shows him to be greater than all the prophets, priests, and kings who came before him.
  • The resurrection pattern of suffering followed by glory is characteristic of salvation in both the Old and New Testaments.
  • The destiny of the church as the bride of Christ is prefigured in both the Old and New Testaments.
  • The biblical beginning prophetically and redemptively envisions the biblical ending.
  • The Book of Revelation offers a message of hope, not fear, to the people of God.


Our Bible Programs

Alexandrian Academy: Biblical Learning

The Alexandrian Academy is raising funding to record a full Biblical Studies program for online use. Alexandrian Forum participants will be able to take these classes without the hassle of grades or tests. For those who feel called to a more rigorous program in preparation for ministry, a Ministry Certificate will be available.


As a special ministry to local church congregations, the Alexandrian Forum offers short-term seminars of varying lengths on the Bible and on Biblical typology. Examples of our One-Day seminars include "Understanding Revelation as a Book of Hope" and "The Road to Emmaus: Resurrection as the Theme of the Old Testament."

Bible Studies

The Alexandrian Forum has begun to audio-record and produce a series of Bible Studies emphasizing Biblical typology and the theme of Christ in all of Scripture. These Bible study series will be available for churches nationwide to utilize as a virtual Sunday School class or weekly Bible Study, complete with all materials and handouts.

Luke2427 Blog

The Alexandrian Forum sponsors an online Biblical blog that is specifically dedicated to "seeing Jesus in all the Bible." We regularly update with devotionals, Biblical posts, and sermon messages devoted to this theme.

Online Gospel Study Bible

The Alexandrian Forum hopes to provide an online Study Bible as a resource for pastors and laypeople who wish to see how Christ is the theme of all the Scriptures. We aspire to expand this ever-growing resource with notes, audio classes, and video-recorded sermons dedicated to a Christ-centered interpretation of the Bible.

Annual Typology Conferences

The Alexandrian Forum plans to host an annual Typology Conference dedicated to the theme of Christ as the center of Scripture, inviting recognized pastors and scholars from all over the country to participate.