The Alexandrian Academy


"I see that by these studies, as by no other means,
people are wonderfully fitted for the grasping of sacred truth
and for handling it skillfully and happily."

-Martin Luther on the Classics and the Bible


The Alexandrian Academy is a daughter ministry of the Alexandrian Forum that is raising funding to record a full program of Classical and Biblical study to be made available for online use. Alexandrian Forum participants will be able to audit these classes at their own convenience, on their own time. The Alexandrian Academy will also offer the opportunity to receive certifications in three possible courses of study: the “Classical Leadership” track, the “Biblical Studies” track, or the more comprehensive “Pastoral Ministry” track. Although Academy courses are primarily geared toward the college and graduate levels, diligent high school students are fully capable of excelling in these classes.

Our Courses

Follow the links below for course descriptions corresponding to each category.


Classical Courses

Ancient Classics I: Plato & Augustine
Ancient Classics II: Aristotle & Aeschylus
Medieval Classics I: Aquinas & Machiavelli
Medieval Classics II: Dante & Milton
Modern Classics I: Thucydides & de Tocqueville
Modern Classics II: Nietzsche & Dostoyevski


Bible Survey Courses

Old Testament Survey I: Creation to David's Fall
Old Testament Survey II: David's Fall to the Babylonian Captivity
New Testament Survey I: Synoptic Gospels & Acts
New Testament Survey II: John & Revelation
New Testament Survey III: Pauline & General Epistles


Biblical Theology Courses

Biblical Theology
Resurrection Theology
Bridal Theology
Theological Poetics
Gospel Hermeneutics
Systematic Theology

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Church History Courses

Church History 1: Ancient to Medieval
Church History 2: Reformation to Modernity
Church History 3: History of Doctrine


Pastoral Ministry Courses

Homiletics & Evangelism
Pastoral Theology
Christian and Pastoral Ethics
Pastoral Internship